BU Content Builder for Opencart

  • BU Content Builder for Opencart
  • BU Content Builder for Opencart

Do you want to change the look/layout of your store with some extra advance and helpful features, with in short time and without the knowledge of coding? As a result it will decrease your development expenses from 50% to 70% and increase your conversions/sales rate from 30% to 50% in a few months.

What it do?

  • Change the look/layout of your store New look will attract the customers and boost the customer experience. It will also increase customer trust, according to ResearchGate, 94% of online customers view websites with high quality design as trustworthy. As a result it increase the conversions/sales rate of your store.
  • Responsive LayoutThe mobile market can not be ignored, 77% of adults today (Fab 5 2018) own a smart phone. This burgeoning market presents great opportunity for business. This extension helps you to create a mobile and desktop friendly website design which is called responsive.
  • Multi Lingual One of the biggest benefit of the internet is the global reach it provides. Online stores are missing out a great opportunity if they are not dealing with multiple languages. This is specially true for the e-Commerce industry as people will definitely not buy some thing they do not understand. This extension allows you to add text and banners in multiple languages. Which helps to get more customer's satisfaction, trust and better conversion.
  • Multi Colors Readability and legibility are basic factor which you consider when applying colors. This extension helps you to change the text, background or border color of every single element. The color inheritance functionality save your time.
  • CSS Table Less Design CSS table less design is a great method for developing modern websites and offers many valuable advantages over traditional table based design. Using CSS table less design will provide your website visitors better usability and accessibility, faster page load times with greater more elegant design possibilities . CSS design are easier and less expensive to redesign, update and maintain. CSS designs also improve the SEO compatibility of website.
  • Custom Styling When you create a website for your business, time and money are likely to be major concerns. Luckily there are web designing/styling options that help you to save time and money, while also improving your visitors experience. Each content block have option to control margin, padding and column spacing. You can set border and border radius applying multiple shadow and attach multiple backgrounds. Backgrounds can be either images or colors.
  • Setup Rows and Columns The grid through organizing a massive content into evenly distributed columns and rows makes a compact arrangement with its own visual rhythm. The grid style look clean, structured, readily intelligible and streamlined. This extension will help you to set product in rows and columns.
  • Advanced Typography Boost your site with 850 web optimized Google fonts and system fonts. With editor customize-able style, size and letter of word spacing. Set a line height and all element will be automatically adjusted.
  • Icon Fonts Icon fonts are just a modern way of using iconography, which is more flexible. The awesome thing about icons is that they have very small file size, especially when you use many of them. In addition, these icons have full css styling capability and cross browser compatibility. This extension is fully integrated with font awesome icons and bootstrap icons.
  • Tabs and Carousel Carousels are an organized interactive and quite smooth way to present information. These are a popular technique because they are very useful and you can put a good amount of content into a fixed, compact area. This helps the user to focus attention on one content block at a time which is helpful and convenient.
    Tabs Carousels can be used not only to display large chunks of information but also to help users navigate (tab) through dozens or hundred of available products in a convenient way. Tabs carousel means multi carousels in one place.
  • No Core files Modification No core files are modified it will advantage you when you need to upgrade your Opencart current versions to latest version.
  • Boxed or Wide Layouts You can set fixed or full width for each section of content block.
  • Grid/List View The way you present products on your store can effect, not only the convenience for your customers but also your conversion rate. These have two main options of displaying products: Grid view and List view. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages regarding your products. This extension allow you to use one of your choice. In short grid views are more engaging eyes because they have more images. List views provide product detail making it easier for customers to compare products.
  • Quick View Less information is shown when products are listed on home page, the customer have to go the item page for more details. That will ultimately take the more time. We overcome this drawback by allowing you to add a "Quick view" function on your store.
  • Multi View (Change image on mouse over) Having an extra layer of hover enabled can drastically improve the user's ability to scan and evaluate list items. During usability testing extra hover information lead to a higher rate of product finding success.
  • Badges Using product badges can provide to increase conversion rates by 55%. It can help with overall sales on your website or help focus customer eyes in the direction of a set of products you want to sell. This extension will allow you to add "New Badge" for number of days you want to show. It will also show discount badge as "Sale" or in percentage e.g. "50%".
  • Testimonials Testimonials have a big opportunity to drive more conversions and sales to your online store. To ease customer uncertainty, consumers want to hear from other customers. By displaying customer testimonials on your e-commerce store, you can help online shoppers overcome any doubts they may have and guide them toward a purchase. According to a BriteLocal survey 90% of customers read up to 10 reviews before they feel that they can trust a business.

How it work
Admin Demo
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Password: demo
Demo page
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Why Choose us

  • Free instalation/support
  • Free bug fixes
  • Lightweight
  • 2k+ Admin features
  • Easy to use admin panel
  • Well documented
  • Mobile friendliness
  • SEO ready
  • Multipurpose
  • Created by great and friendly developers

Buy Now and Save $100

  • Testimonials $20
  • Badges $20
  • Products tabs carousel $20
  • Quick View $20
  • Multi View $20

Detailed documentation is included with download.

Install via Extension Installer (OC Mode) or Upload Manually

  1. Login to admin and go to Extension > Extension Installer then select and upload downloaded zip file. Now go to Extension > Modification and press refresh button on top right corner of the page.
  2. Extract the archive you downloaded from marketplace and Find upload folder and Upload the all folders found inside (admin, catalog, image) to your OpenCart root installation and merge them with the existing ones.


  1. If you have any question I will appreciate but before asking questions please be sure that you have read installation and usage notes above.
  2. Please don't ask for support in comments bellow as comments are for pre-sale questions and ratings only.
  3. If you need installation and support from us, let us know at ajeed.software@outlook.com it is free.

Available only in $29 instead of $50 limited offer.
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