BU Opencart Customer Purchase History on 1 Page

  • BU Opencart Customer Purchase History on 1 Page
  • BU Opencart Customer Purchase History on 1 Page

Do you love to see what a customer has purchased or is interested to purchase using the customer history on one page? As a result you can not only increase sales, but show your customers that you’re paying attention to their preferences and needs.

Customer's purchase history can be a powerful marketing tool. It gives you insights into what they like, other products they might be interested in, and possibly even future purchase schedules.

So let’s look at a few ways you can make this happen for your eCommerce business.

  • Repeat and add-on recommendations from customer purchase history
  • Predicting future purchases using customer purchase history
  • Creating a loyalty program from customer purchase history
  • Create personalized marketing messages from customer purchase history
  • Target your promotions and advertisements from customer purchase history
  • Customer's history helps you to make better business decisions

What it show?

  • Customer's personal information and Customer's last activity

  • Customer's Searches Detail: It will show what a Customer is Searching on your store. Using this information you can predict customers interested products.

  • Customer's Wishlist Detail: It will give you insights into what they actually like, you may send them some discount offers to help theme for decision making.

  • Customer's Orders Detail: It will show you list of all customer's orders.

  • Customer's Purchased Products's Detail: It will show you list of all customer's purchased products's detail.

  • Reward Points Detail: It will show you list of all customer's reward points detail. Send them some reward points to help theme for decision making.

  • Coupon Detail: The coupon report tracks the use of coupons in the store front.

  • Transaction Detail: It will show you customer's transactions (Store Credit) detail.

  • Returns Detail: It will show you customer's returns list.

How it work
Admin Demo
Click Here for Live Admin Demo
User: demo
Password: demo

Customers -> customers list: click on customer name

Customers -> customer History: Search by customer name

Why Choose us

  • Free instalation/support
  • Free bug fixes
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use admin panel
  • Well documented
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Multipurpose
  • Created by great and friendly developers

Buy Now and Save $70

  • Customer's Searches Report $10
  • Customer's Wishlist Report $10
  • Customer's Orders Report $10
  • Customer's Purchased Products's Report $10
  • Reward Points Report $10
  • Coupons Report $10
  • Transaction Report $10

Install via Extension Installer (OC Mode) or Upload Manually

  1. Login to admin and go to Extension > Extension Installer then select and upload downloaded zip file. Now go to Extension > Modification and press refresh button on top right corner of the page.
  2. Extract the archive you downloaded from marketplace and Find upload folder and Upload the all folders found inside (admin, catalog, image) to your OpenCart root installation and merge them with the existing ones.


  1. If you have any question I will appreciate but before asking questions please be sure that you have read installation and usage notes above.
  2. Please don't ask for support in comments bellow as comments are for pre-sale questions and ratings only.
  3. If you need installation and support from us, let us know at ajeed.software@outlook.com. It is free.

Available only in $20 instead of $30 limited offer.

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