Refunds Policy

Our 365-day money back guarantee ensures that you can get back your money used to purchase a product on in case the product does not function as described.

Transaction Refund

You are purchasing an open source non-encrypted non-obfuscated non-tangible digital good from our store and you obtain the product content at download. Within 365 calendar days after your purchase you are eligible for a refund as you must meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • The product is corrupted, malfunctioning or does not work as described and buthemes Support Team cannot solve your issue
  • The product integrates an external service that has stopped working and buthemes Support Team cannot offer a workaround
  • The product is not yet downloaded and you have changed your mind

We will not honor transaction refunds in one or more of the next following cases:

  • The customer is deploying the product on an unsupported platform, server or environment.
  • The customer asks for a feature that is neither advertised nor demonstrated
  • The customer has an issue with the product but has never contacted buthemes Support Team
  • The customer purchased the product more than 365 days ago